Posted by: Trina | November 9, 2008

The Face of Change – and Diversity – in the White House

It seems so many of the polls and much of public opinion was incorrect:

  • There was no so-called ‘Bradley Effect‘ on election day;
  • Most women who had backed Hillary Clinton in the primaries didn’t cross over to the Republican Party (or refrain from voting altogether);
  • Support (and pride!) amongst black voters was strong – but then again, it always is for the Democratic candidate;
  • 66 % of the Hispanics voted Democrat,
  • as did many white, working class male voters in the so-called ‘swing states‘ of Pennsylvania, Ohio and (bastion of the old conferate South) Virginia.

Long story short: On 4 November 2008 Barack Hussein Obama was elected as 44th President of the United States.

In an unexpected – and for many overwhelming – landslide, America chose to transcend at least part of its past of racism and exclusion, and chose its next president based on what they felt to be ‘the content of his character and not the color of his skin’.

Only time till tell whether President-Elect Obama can fulfill the great expectations placed on him by the American voters – and the world at large. But the current, more open discussion on race in American, the opportunity for the black community to reframe its understanding of itself as well as its position within the fabric of American society, as well as his call to America’s willingness and openness to change is, however, one important gift he has given all of us already.


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