Posted by: Trina | November 20, 2008

Tim Wise’s Take on ‘White Privilege’

Tim Wise is…”is among the most prominent anti-racism writers and activists in the U.S., having given lectures from 1995 to the present in 48 different states, and on over 500 college campuses. He has trained a multitude of teachers, corporate employees, non-profit organizations and law enforcement officers in methods for dismantling racism in their institutions.”



  1. […] I would like to strongly recommend that the members of the German Green Party (in Kaarst and elsewhere in the nation) quickly take a long, hard look at the video of American anti-racist activist Tim Wise on the subject of “white privilege”. […]

  2. […] lieben Grünen (in Kaarst und anderswo) nachdrücklich das nachdenkliche Studium eines Videos vom US-amerikanischen Anti-Rassisten Tim Wise zum Thema “White Privilege” dringendst empfehlen! Und – ich hoffe viele wahlberechtigte, nicht-weiße Deutsche (und […]

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