Coaching: When Women Lead

Why aren’t there more women in (top!) leadership positions?

Women’s academic performance is often better. On average they go to college/university more often, earn better degrees, are more skilled and competent, and do better work.

BUT: Women are still being socialized in a way that makes it more difficult for them to benefit from internal corporate structures once they enter the workforce. Attempts to be “just one of the boys” to climb the career ladder more quickly more often result in external and internal dissonance than success. That type of behavior simply isn’t authentic – something people quickly notice.

To learn to position yourself better within an organizations and to achieve the career you strive for with more focus and serenity, you need a new perspective and new strategies: You own!

Coaching for working women = Coaching for more authenticity and success!

Both society and the economy need the competencies that women bring to the workplace now more than ever – including in top leadership positions. To take your rightful place and fill it most effectively, you have to discover – and sovereignly activate – your own inherant leadership personality. Because simply adopting male leadership behavior doesn’t lead to authentic success. Honoring and solidifying your own does!

In order to honor your own leadership personality you have to first relativize what you’ve always been taught about leadership. Until now leadership has almost always been defined and described from a solely male perspective. Many career-minded women who’ve been measured against this yardstick feel uncomfortable in their own skin. In the worst case scenario they feel subordinate and inferior – and were often regarded and treated as such.

In order to deconstruct this one-sided – male – understanding of leadership with regard to both content and emotions, in a constructively confidential environment you’ll participate in

  • interactive group sessions
  • pair work and roleplaying
  • individual coaching and reflective sessions

Together we’ll analyse and psychologically dissect male and female behavior within a business context, then identify the resulting dissonances before discussion and practicing alternative behaviors and reactions.

In this 2 1/2 day Coaching “When Women Lead” you will learn to honor your own – feamle – leadership personality and

  • position yourself better within your team/department
  • be more convincing in communicating your know-how and experience
  • increase your relevance within the organization

Let coaching smooth the way to your personal career sucess!

Did this topic address a relevant issue in your own career? Learn more about the individual benefits of taking part in this coaching event by scheduling a confidential telephone appointment to talk with me directly.

Or reserve your place in the next (German-language) session today!


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