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Is your organization keen to take a decisive step in preparing managers to proactively handle the opportunities and challenges of an increasingly diverse workforce?

360° of Diversity facilitates private- and public-sector organizations that are strengthening their commitment to more effectively leveraging The Power of “We”.  How? By embracing and empowering diversity to increase their success in the marketplace! As a coach, trainer and human resources development consultant I work with organizations committed to growing their business by recognizing the unique talents and diversity of their (future) workforce, and continuously developing their ability to tap into their potential.

Organizations typically engage me to:

  • act as sounding board and facilitator during the development and implementation of a diversity management vision for the organization
  • positively influence change within their organization as it embraces diversity management as a means of further empowering the individuals and teams within that organization
  • recruit promising “right potentials” from all backgrounds for their organization
  • nurture the professional growth of key individual employees by helping them more effectively manage the complexities of diversity
  • upgrade the personal and intercultural skills of specific employee teams/groups

In addition to keynote or motivational speeches addressing the challenges of diversity and admirable best practice examples, we also develop and implement individualized workshops and training programs focusing on existing stereotypes and possible prejudices, as well as subgroup differences in:

  • learning and teaching
  • communicative behaviour
  • negotiation tactics
  • presentation and feedback styles

based on your detailed organizational briefing and our own diversity audit.

Contact us for more detailed information or a consultation.

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