Workshop: Working Successfully in a German-American Team

Working successfully in a team…

can be a huge challenge for all its members. Dealing with a variety of personalities on one team becomes even more complicated when its members come from different countries or cultural backgrounds.

The objective of this 2 1/2 day workshop is to use the example of Germany and USA to demonstrate how the productivity and effectiveness of an international team can be stengthened by improving the members’ understanding of their differences and commonalities within the business context.

This workshop offers team members an opportunity to:

  • contract and compare their work-related values and actions within the relevant cultural context
  • identify and discuss existing opinions and stereotypes
  • analyse culture-related differences in verbal and non-verbal communication
  • evaluate the possible affects of culture-related differences in the workplace (e.g. leadership and motivation, team building, conflict solution and negotiations)

Based on an analysis of the current real-life work situation the team develops concrete techniques to sustainably improve cooperation and teamwork.

This experiential workshop is made up of a combination of:

  • relevant aspects of intercultural theory
  • fictional and real-life intercultural busineess scenarios
  • group discussion
  • knowledge and experience alignment exercises
  • role-playing

This gives the participants ample opportunity to discuss the outcome of different reactions on concrete situations in order to broaden their own spectrum of sensibility-based action within an intercultural context.

Target Group

  • Germans who regularly work with American clients and co-workers
  • Americans who regularly work with German clients and co-workers
  • German and/or American companies who are committed to growing together as an effective unit following a corporate/organizational merger

You want to know more…

…about this workshop or book an intercultural training session or seminar for your own organization? Just send me a short message with your contact information, and I will get in touch with you!

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