Trina E. Roach (English)

trina roach

  • Executive Coach, Leadership and Communications Skills Trainer and HR Consultant
  • Principle : Creating Tomorrow: The Leadership Consultancy
  • International and national client portfolio
  • Black American with roots in the US Civil Rights Movement
  • 30+ years of professional and personal experience with the challenges and successes of diversity – on both sides of the Atlantic
  • 10 yrs. experience in Management Training & Development
  • 10 yrs. experience as a marketing consultant for international communications organizations
  • 8 yrs. experience as Head of Human Resources Development in the communications sector
  • Responsible for an award-winning apprenticeship and internal training program in the advertising sector
  • Development and realization of training modules for the leadership and communications sectors
  • Extensive hands-on experience as a trainer and speaker; e.g. in Germany, USA, Belgium, the Netherlands, Turkey, Russia
  • Languages: English, German, Dutch
  • Reference List
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